Window Tint

Protect Your Home or Vehicle With Window Tint

Protect Your Home or Vehicle With Window Tint

Defend your property against extreme heat

You use your car every day, so why not add some style and protection to it? Our team can add tint to your windows, headlights and mirrors, cooling your car and making it look incredible.

Supreme Shadez Window Tinting LLC can protect your home, garage or shed from extreme heat, too. We offer standard and ceramic window tints in a variety of colors. Choose your color and level of tint, then leave the rest to us.

When you need automotive, commercial or residential tinting, rely on us for a top-quality job. Speak with us today to request a free estimate.

Beat the heat with help from window tint

You would be amazed by how hot a car can become without window tinting. A car with tinted windows can have a temperature up to 40 degrees lower than a tint-free car. This can make all the difference when you get into your vehicle.

Cool off your ride quicker than ever before. Get window tint from Supreme Shadez Window Tinting today by calling 580-483-6144. Ask about our lifetime warranty, too.